Info requested in favour of all boatlovers.


The commitee of VVW-Mendonk reveived a message from the Police considering theft of outboard engines.

Below you will find the full message. Dear watersport lovers. On request of our Dutch colleages we would like to ask you if someone knows the goal of this “equipment” (see pictures) and for what it can be used ? this material was found at locations where outboard engines were stolen. If you recognize it, please contact us to share your information. Please inform your members also to be attentive and when they see suspect behaviour to call 101. Kind regards BUYSSE David Hoofdinspecteur PTW operationele coördinator DGA/DAC/SPN Scheepvaartpolitie Gent Tf 09/255.51.40 (general number) 09/255.51.41 of 42 (office PTW) Fax 09/255.51.47 Email : P Save me - don't print me

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New law regarding coastal navigation


VVW-Mendonk has been informed by the governement that a new law regarding navigation in coastal waters has been implemented. Download the flyer below and make it bigger, this flyer will inform you when and where you have to wear your safety jacket on the see.

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Pictures of 50 years celebration VVW-Mendonk available


2019 is a special year for VVW-Mendonk. This year it's the 50iest birthday of our This has been celebrated with food, drinks, party music dance etc....

The weather was the only item that didn't like the party.However it didn't stopped the party until the early morning.

A lot of pictures have been taken by a professional photographer, These pictures are visible at the bottom of the webpage "foto gallery in the Dutch part of this website.'

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Back to VVW-MENDONK 50 years ago


VVW-Mendonk is 50. Picture of VVW Mendonk 50 years ago, at the time of the famous Waterski team "The Piranha's", Our first clubhouse etc...

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Party on the 4th of May 2019


2019 is a special year for VVW-Mendonk. This year we celebrate the 50th annyversary of our harbour. Everybody, young and old is invited on the 4th of May 2019 for all events. Subscription for the meal and the reception was until the 10th of April 2019. Offcourse, everybody is welcome for the eveningparty with orchestra. Be there, VVW-Mendonk becomes 50 years old only once.

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Ships in VVW Mendonk have an insurance at Klompbv

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Toervaart 2018 in VVW Mendonk, together with Radio Mfm and Eclips TV


This year, VVW Mendonk participated on the Toervaart 2018 event. Our harbour was a stopover on the trip to Lokeren. VVW-Mendonk gives an additonal value on this activity by working together with a radio and TV station and we got the participation of the "The Audio Visual Museum Terkammen"

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You think a harbour is very expensive ? All drinks are less expensive than in your local pub (YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MEMBER)

VVW Mendonk now also on Facebook


VVVW Mendonk has also it's Facebook page. This with all activities and communication between our members.

Become member of the group "Leden VVW Mendonk"

Via this way you can plann small trips and communicate with other members. As it is an initiative of a member of our club, the Facebookpage is only accessable for our members.

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With thanks to William en Nathalie for this nice initiative (Boat : De Zwerver)

Internet connectivity in our harbour


Every visitor of our harbour with boat or visitor in our cantine has access to free WIFI.

When you encounter internet problems, let us know, only with your help we can solve the problems. "

For more information, go to our webpage "Accomodation" and from there go to the page "inernet"

Watching TV on your boat


On the 1 of December 2018 the National Belgian TV (VRT) stopped with transmission via antenna. DVBT is history. You probably all recognize the small white antenna with the mushroom form insallaed on the roof or radar arch of your boat ?

As of now you can only see via DVBT the following TV channels in our harbour RTB, La Trois , Euronews .

If you want to have more info about watching TV on your boat, don"t hesitate and contact Franky .

DVBT antenne

We advise you not to buy DVBT equipment anymore if you stay most of the time in our harbour. A better possibility is watching TV via the internet. Via that way you can also watch TV and you don't need an antenna anymore.

As the VRT stops with these transmissions, there is a possibility that other chains will follow this direction. If you need more info about watching TV, don't hesitate to ask questions and get answers from the harbourmaster (Bart).

If you navigate towards Holland, you still can watcch DVBT from Holland. The questioni is , how long will it take that everything will go over the internet as well ?"

The boatsowners in our harbour having a home subscription and a TV subscription can watch TV via Wifi.Just like they are home. As of next year,also Proximus subscribers can watch TV over the internet.

Changes in Belgium for VHF licence


At this moment there are discussions ongoing in Belgium to make a new Royal Decree. The BIPT is asking for a yearly fee. The argument they use is that they have to control the frequencies of VHF. For this job they want to be paid.

When the Royal Decree will be signed, we can expect a yearly fee around 50 Euros. This would be a fee like other similar licences. Be aware , this amount is only an estimation.

To be continued ...

Information about your own vessel ?

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Do you want to know more about the known situation of your radio equipmnent on board of your vessel ? go to the following link of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) in Geneva.

Click on the logo , type the name of your vessel or the boat from your neighbour and the full information will appear.

Obligation to have on board 'Binnenvaart politie reglement

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Het Binnenvaart politie reglement is obliged to be on board of your boat. You are authorized to store it on pc, laptop, tablet, mobile, as long yu can shhow it without searching on the internet.Click on the logo to download the latest version.

VVW-Mendonk AIS upload station to Marinetraffic en Vesselfinder

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On the 15th of Oktober 2018 VVW Mendonk got an agreement with Marinetraffic and Vesselfinder , after the needed programming and playing with Nmea signals, the upload of AIS signals has been activated. AIS (Automatic Identification System) has multiple functions. the function we use with our clubstation is uploading to websites, these websites authorise to see all uploades AOS signals sent from a ship. You can follow the ships, even your own ship if you have an ais transponder active.

An additional description of the AIS upload station will be placed on this website. An additional page will be created with all the info

The station ID van VVW-Mendonk is 879 at Marinetraffic. Click on the above logo of Marinetraffic to get a look to the boats nearby our harbour.

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